Ode to My Wife
Dale Family…but written in prose not poetry.
I love birthdays!  What a great excuse to bring the whole family around, at least those who live here in Austin, and enjoy a B-B-Q and a great evening together.  And when we are celebrating my wife, Felicity’s birthday, that is even better!  We love to celebrate the passing years, and each does seem to be better than the one before it.  Now within the space of two weeks we have celebrated 42 years of marriage and another (numberless!!) birthday.  Like the King Lemuel of old in Proverbs 31, I celebrate having “found a good wife.  She is more precious than rubies.  Her husband can trust her.”
Now speaking of jewels, the sapphire came out of her engagement ring some time back, but we never found it.  So this birthday I am replacing that with an upgrade.  She still laughs at the thought of me proposing to her at a train station.  But the ring proves that it worked!  And that is why the photo really encapsulates the joy of a family, blessed by God, and constantly looking for way to bless each other and pass on that blessing to other.  Family is still the foundation stone on which society is built, and the crumbling of family structures all around us is mirrored in the crumbling of civility and stability in the society around us.
So celebrate with me the wonder and delight of watching my wife thrive in the presence of the wonderful family that she has helped to create. And, please share with me some of your favorite memories of Felicity!