Last week we had a scare, and it wasn’t the ice on the roads!

baby madi TD blogAccidents always happen when you least expect them.  One minute everything is fine, and the next you are on your way to the hospital.  It reminds me of an evening about 26 years ago, when Becky was maybe four or five.  We had a small group of friends over, including a friend who was a distinguished professor of surgery before he retired.  All was going well when we heard screams from the games room.  As we rushed in, we found Becky covered with blood and nobody had any idea what had happened.  Did the dog jump up to put his legs on her shoulders?  Did she slip running around the pool table and hit her head on a sharp corner.  We had no idea what had happened, but the wound seemed massive.  However, with three doctors in attendance, including a surgeon who really did know what he was doing, we rushed her out to the nearest emergency room.

That incident ended up with around 150 stitches!  Our friend, the retired Professor of Medicine, insisted on calling in the on-duty plastic surgeon, because a young women’s face is a very important thing.

Last night was another such evening.  Ryan and Becky were both at home because the weather was so bad in Fort Worth that they had had to close the Chick-fil-A that Ryan manages.  The kids were happily playing in the living room.  Clay was climbing on a chair.  Before you know it, he has managed to tip it over and the chair frame, with Clay still on the chair, hits his baby sister on the forehead.

Now there is blood everywhere, and serious concern for the baby, and plenty of noise as Madison loudly screams her protest in her 3 month old voice.  Within minutes the car is loaded, and baby Madison and family are on their way to the nearby hospital.  A couple of hours, an MRI and 7 stitches later (see photograph attached) all are headed home, very slowly, on the ice covered roads.  And this morning all seems to be fine.  There is a call in to the plastic surgeon to make sure about the wound.  After all a young woman’s face is a very important thing.

How true the phrase, “Like Mother, Like Daughter.”