In many books there is no end…
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Ecclesiastes  12:12  “In many books there is no end.”

Why on earth would I add another blog to the millions that are already out there?  When I consider how many emails and blog posts that I skip over each day, do I have a right or even a reason for asking you to share my journey with me?  Well, I hope so!

Health care is changing, and that impacts every single one of us.  I am a Christian physician who has found himself in the middle of all of these changes, not as a practicing clinician, but as someone who was so shocked by health care costs 16 years ago when I had major medical bills, that I decided to do something about it.  So if you choose to subscribe to this blog, what can you expect?

  • I will keep my comments really brief.  If you want to know more follow the links.
  • I am a Christian who happens to be a doctor, not a doctor who happens to be a Christian.  If you are not sure of the difference, you might want to read this article that I wrote a few years ago.
  • The company that I started after my own experience of the horrific charges experienced in the health care world now negotiates hundreds of millions of dollars of medical bills for people all over the country.  Our company mission is to “develop a company, products and services that have a transformational impact on peoples’ lives.”
  • I recently helped found The Health Co-Op because I believe there are excellent alternatives to classic health insurance, that provide exemption under the Affordable Care Act and that give us as Christians a chance to show how our faith has practical application in our lives.
  • My wife, Felicity, and I love to write and produce videos and other resources to help Christians live in a down-to-earth way that reflects our passion for the “life more abundantly” that Jesus promises his followers. BTW, we are absolutely not into “Bible bashing” but love to reflect on Biblical wisdom.
  • We have four beautiful children and eight grandchildren
  • I am a passionate squash player.
  • My idea of time off is lounging around on a tropical beach with a good book and a ice cold fruit smoothie.

So, what will I be blogging about?  Any of the above, but the focus is likely to be health care, entrepreneurship, travel, charity and health care economics from a practical and Biblical perspective.

Here is my “Thank you” for reading this far and to encourage you to subscribe.  Please subscribe to my blog on the right side of this page and you will be emailed a link to download a copy of my just released E-Book, At What Cost: An Old World Doctor Confronts New World Healthcare.

I greatly appreciate you tweeting or linking to this blog as well!

Thank you,

Dr. Tony Dale