Enjoying Good Bloggers


I’m jumping head first into the blogging world and I thank everyone who has subscribed and read so far. Although I’m not new to the blogging world as I’ve written several guest posts on some amazing blogs, I’ve learned much from these bloggers and many others like Michael Hyatt and Seth Godin. I want to use this post to point you to some other bloggers that I personally feel are doing an outstanding job, and that you might be interested to follow.

If you are interested in learning about simple church life, there are a growing number of blogs that are a fantastic source of down to earth, practical help.

  • I may be biased, but I think that Felicity’s (OK, in the interest of full disclosure I probably should add that Felicity is my wife!) blog at www.simplychurch.com is the clearest thing out there! This blog provides clear tools and very down to earth, practical examples of what simple churches look like.
  • Ross Rohde’s blog takes a very down-to-earth look at what aids and what hinders simple church multiplication. Check it out if you haven’t done so already.
  • Finally, from a mission’s perspective on simple church life, check out Guy Muse’s M blog.

Now, if all you are looking at is Christian blogs, or blogs about simple church life, you may be becoming a rather boring person! So if you are interested in the business world, I can’t think of a much better place to begin than with my son Jon’s blog. Or you can go to the Internet Guru who mentored Jon and multitudes of others, namely Seth Godin.

Now if you are into medicine, which I suspect is going to be remarkably few of you reading this, you might want to go to:

If you’re thirsting for more health care, Affordable Care Act and Christian insurance alternative news, visit The Health Co-Op’s blog.

Now, come to think of it, why don’t YOU start your own blog!

Tony Dale | @tonydale.flywheelsitesaustin