A Biblical, Non-Insurance Approach to Health Care
My wife, Felicity, is an active blogger.  I am only just learning how to understand the blogosphere!  The idea that you may  be interested on what we have posted on our refrigerator (see her guest blog below) is a new idea to me.  But it is a great idea.  Ideas spread, and the Internet is a great leveler.  Any idea that is worthwhile can spread.  And we greatly value your help, as well as Felicity’s in spreading this idea of health care sharing, whose time has come.

We currently have a list on the fridge in our kitchen. No, it’s not my grocery list (though I have one of those too). It’s a list of the names of people who are giving towards the medical bills incurred through our daughter’s pregnancy. Every time a check comes in, our daughter or son-in-law fills in the relevant information on the list and deposits the check into their account.  People team up climbing bridge to deal

We’ve been members of Samaritan Ministries, via The Health Co-op for some time now but so far have remained healthy. Our daughter and son-in-law and their young son are also members and this is the second time they’ve submitted a need.

We’ve watched the progress of this pregnancy with obvious interest. All is going well for baby Madison. But all is going financially well for the pregnancy too.  When the bills for the pregnancy came in, they were submitted to Samaritan Ministries, who let the relevant people know they were going to contribute to our daughter’s medical bills. Samaritan Ministries members have all sent their checks in a timely fashion, often accompanied by notes of encouragement. All the bills are now taken care of. The total amount our daughter will owe is the $300 initial payment. Compare this to her last pregnancy when she had insurance and her out-of-pocket expenses were more than $3,000!

It’s a huge blessing to know that our monthly donations go directly to help other families. It’s a huge blessing to know that the Body of Christ is alive and well and taking care of each other in this way.

Have you every heard of this approach to handling medical bills?  Check out The Health Co-Op and tell me what you think!

Felicity Dale | @felicitydale